Building a web site for your company does not have to be a budget-draining process. A quality, affordable web site can be designed for your company, and George Conklin Web Design (formerly Divergent Web Design) is your answer.

  • Do you want individual attention paid to your web site’s design?
  • Do you want a professional web site that will be found by search engines?
  • Is budget a constraint?

If you answered yes to all three of these questions then George Conklin Web Design is the company for your project!

  • Do you want your web site “now” or “yesterday”?
  • Do you want guaranteed placement with search engines for your website?
  • When designing your web site, do you want your web designer to “shut up and build the site”?

If you answered yes to any of these three questions then George Conklin Web Design is not for you, and here’s why. Rushing the process means cutting corners, and that means lower quality. Guaranteed placement in today’s search engine market costs thousand’s of dollars, beyond the cost of your web site – most smaller companies would agree that’s not affordable. Lastly, if you want someone to just build a site the way you want, and you do not desire your chosen professional’s input then you are not seeking the collaboration of a web design professional.

Charleston Web Design Done Right

George Conklin Web Design believes in giving your web project the attention it deserves to accomplish these goals:

  • You want a high quality website
  • You want an affordable website
  • You want your website to be found by search engines
  • You want a website that employs proven web technologies, not the latest web gimmicks

Low cost web site design is a reasonable goal in the world of today’s Internet. Contact George Conklin Design Today!

Are High Costs Keeping Your Business off of the Web?

Are you “web siteless”? If you have not put your company on the web because you thought the costs for a web designer and other costs were beyond your reach, welcome to the “Divergent way”. Divergent/George Conklin Web Design can get you online for less than you think!

George Conklin Web Design sites are done one or two at a time. Don’t worry about having your site designed with the care it deserves – contact George Conklin Web Design today to get your business online with a beautiful, functional hand-crafted web site!

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