George Conklin Design WordPress as a Site

I installed the George Conklin Web Design WordPress-as-a-Website tonight (Nov, 2010) and its not ready yet. I’ve installed the eDegree theme by Top Blog Formula.

My original Divergent Web Design website went up sometime in 2001, even though I can’t remember it any more. I went through several designs in the first couple of years as I learned HTML and then later ASP.

Later I settled on the design I’ve had for several years (labeled Previous Design in the screenshot).  Then earlier this year I got tired of the old design and put up a new home page (labeled Replaced Site in the screenshot) with brand new code and an improved look, at least semi-updated. I’ve always been more interested in working on client sites than the Divergent Web Site.

Well, this year I put the new home page up and re-wrote some of the home page text and killed some old and useless pages.  Since then, I see checking tonight that I show on the first page of results for affordable charleston design, affordable charleston web design, and charleston budget web design on Google, Yahoo! and Bing. However for just charleston web design I fall off of the home page in all three.