HowTo Avoid Bogus Link Exchange Offer – The PR Hijacker

Maybe you’ve gotten an email like this one trying to fool you into exchanging links with a website that does not have the Google PageRank (PR) claimed by the person offering the exchange. I noticed this seemingly good offer just tonight by email (from the PR Hijacker):

My name is Lienka Mills and I was wondering if you are interested in exchange links, I’ll place your link on my sites exactly here:

saturdaydownsouth(dot)net PR4
yourchoice4ptonline(dot)com PR3

If you agree please send me your site details:


I’ll place your link in less than 24 hours, then I’ll send you an email with my info.


If you don’t want to receive more mails just reply with “unsubscribe”.

I thought this was a great offer since was going to get a link from a PR4 and a PR3 site
(that’s 2 links) to my PR 1 site – seemingly a site owner’s dream. Heck, if I wanted to be sneaky about it I could still do the link an benefit from it since I still get a PR 3 linking to me – but I have not.

There’s often some truth in lies. In this case, it appears that although appears to be PR Hijacking (innocent site), but the second site mentioned in the email does have a PR3, though it was possibly a PR Hijacker in the past – who knows?

So why does someone do this? Well right now the PR Hijacker site has most likely exchanged links with the listed below (these are sites giving “Google Juice” to the PR Hijacker, and getting nothing in exchange):

List of Sites Being Ripped Off (the site whose PR is being hijacked).


If your site is on the list above, you might want to read this entire post and the two below in “More Resources on PR Hijacking” and decide on a proper course of action.


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