I’ve dropped several old sites off of this client gallery, so only newer ones are here. I don’t normally list to work that I do for Media Services here, but most of my work over the past several years has been done there so below you may find some work for Media Services.

I’ve worked at Media Services building web sites as a web designer/webmaster for 7+ years now, so most of the work I’ve done is not on this page. If you would like some examples of work I’ve done, please just contact me and I’ll send you a list of more up-to-date work.

CLIENT: Media Services
Retiring To Brunswick County
WORK: Complete Site Design
www.Retiring To Brunswick County.com
This website art was provided by Media Services, so I provided web design services only, no graphics development.
CLIENT: The Extra Attic
WORK: Complete Site Design
CLIENT: All Safe Storage
WORK: Complete Site Re-Design
CLIENT: Various
WORK: Varied
A small number of other sites I’ve
done representing various clients